English (About Me)

I’m a scholar of Religious Studies, expert on NRM (cults), worldview debates (religion vs atheism), Ancient Egyptian religion, esotericism, and also surrealism in popular culture (I’m the editor in chief & founder of twinpeaksrussia.com)

It would be better to say I’m a former scholar. The current century is quite different from the previous, so many disciplines are out of date or pretty much useless. Nonetheless, I am an alumnus (specialist) of the Department of the Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies, which is on the Faculty of Philosophy at Lomonosov Moscow State University. I also finished the postgraduate studies at the same department. I explored the question of the origins of religion for many years, so I believe I took from science every possible knowledge on that. I made a research of several new religious movements and as one of the conclusions I can say they have lost their popularity. The future belongs to completely new phenomena so I don’t want just to wait to explore them, but it doesn’t mean I wanna be a part of them.

I’m not interested in the old-school science or a teaching career. Now I’m looking for the new field of knowledge at the confluence of religion, art, mysticism and philosophy. I consider that mysticism is the core of any religion so its interplay with art has a great potential not only for the art but for the whole human consciousness. That’s why I’m so passionate about Twin Peaks and Lynch&Frost creative interaction. As a hobby I’m working in the websites development. I developed several websites on my professional discipline and a few websites funded by the research grants. The website of Russian Society for the Study of Religion is developed by me, I’m also one of its founders. Needless to say that it’s hard to leave your professional area forever — I still haven’t done with it.

My blog contains comments on my areas of expertise (listed on the top of the page). As an expert I take part in the Yandex.Q project, but the most of my answers there is given in Russian. Anyway I speak English and like to do it, so if you want to contact me — feel free. Sometimes I work as a translator. I translate from English, French and some ancient languages such as latin, greek and even Egyptian hieroglyphs. If you found my name in political activism sources — it can be truth, I’m a Tibet supporter, I support the Global Movement for Tibet for more than twenty years. This kind of work is not popular in Russia so I had to close all my websites about Tibet, I hope to re-open them one day. Seems like it’s all about me for now — thanks very much indeed for your interest and please come again!